Concept art by Nathan Anderson

Lady 3Jane Marie-France is a younger member of the Tessier-Ashpool family, residing in Villa Straylight on the Freeside.

Description[edit | edit source]

She has a triangular, striking but not beautiful, face; her hair and eyes are dark, her mouth wide and firm under a narrow, avian nose with flaring nostrils, cheekbones high and strangely fragile-looking. According to Cath she is not very pretty but "triff, all that money".

Bio[edit | edit source]

She spends more of her life in the Villa, according to the wish of her father. Her retainer is Hideo who follows her when she has to go outside. Her friends include Bruce and Cath, her party circuit, when life in the villa is too boring. Sha has told Cath the villa is a real pretty castle, all stone and sunsets, with pools and lilies.

She was in Vingtième Siècle watching from the balcony Peter Riviera's holographic show which he dedicated to her. After he was gone Case had a glimpse of her, leaning forward over the balustrade, still looking fascinated towards the stage. Later she invited him to her villa.

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