Braun is an electrics company.

Among other things, they produce coffee makers; there was one in Armitage's room in Chiba Hilton. In the Sprawl he also provided them with a Braun coffee maker in their loft while preparing for their mission.

While on Zion, Armitage used a little Braun hologram projector to display a wireframe hologram of Freeside, 3 meters form tip to tip. The image shivered before focusing. The interior detail of the hologram ended at Villa Straylight, displaying empty that end of the spindle.

Rooms in the Intercontinental, Freeside feature a Braun audiovisual complex with a monitor and speakers. Possibly it also included the glass wall towards the balcony, showing holograms of Desiderata Street. In order to communicate with Case, Wintermute tapped into the system of his room; the monitor turned on, showing a German interview with a Japanese pop star sitting in metallic cushions, then the glass wall clicked in; the street scene blurred and showed a simulacrum of Lonny Zone in Jarre de Thé; Zone/Wintermute's voice came from the speakers.

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