Chevette Washington is a central character in the first and third books of the Bridge Trilogy, Virtual Light and All Tomorrow's Parties.

Virtual Light Edit

In Virtual Light, Chevette is introduced as a young bicycle messenger, and resident of the Bridge. She lives with an old man named Skinner, who lives in a shanty atop one of the highest towers of the Bridge. Chevette's life changes when, on a whim, she steals what she takes to be a pair of sunglasses from a rude man in a dance club, while out on one of her messenger jobs. The glasses turn out to be a revolutionary piece of technology and crucial evidence in a murder mystery, leading to a bounty being placed on Chevette's head. Luckily one of the bounty hunters, Berry Rydell, winds up sympathizing with Chevette, and together they escape the other bounty hunters.

All Tomorrow's Parties Edit

Years have passed since Virtual Light, and Chevette is now a young woman. It is revealed that she and Berry were in a romantic relationship following the events of Virtual Light, but broke up and haven't heard from each other since. Chevette's introduction in the third book shows her fleeing an abusive new boyfriend named Carson. She escapes with her friend Tessa, a film student from Australia working on a documentary of the Bridge. At Tessa's insistence, Chevette follows her friend to her old home, to assist her with her documentary. Chevette spends much of the book evading Carson, and showing Tessa around the Bridge, until she runs into Berry Rydell in a club. She and Berry reconnect, as they flee assassins and work to complete Berry's mission on the Bridge, and ultimately wind up back together.

Past Edit

Chevette's childhood is only hinted at, but it is made clear that she was not born on the Bridge. She arrived some time in her youth, too ill to move and on the verge of death, and was taken in by Skinner. After he nursed her back to health, she eventually wound up caring for him, as he grew older. Chevette lived with a mother before the Bridge, but it is not clear what became of her.

Appearance Edit

Chevette is described as a young woman or girl, with large gray eyes and a long straight nose. She is considered by several characters to have a noticeably "pretty" face, only "ruined" by her punk hairstyle. In the first book, her hair is dark and spiky, with a long ponytail extending from the crown of her head. By All Tomorrow's Parties, Chevette's no longer wears this style, her hair being described only as more conventional looking, and longer than it used to be. Her trademark item of clothing is "Skinner's jacket," a horsehide coat loaned to her by Skinner that she wears while working in Virtual Light, and has inadvertently kept by All Tomorrow's Parties.

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