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Chiba is a city in Japan facing Tokyo and Tokyo Bay.

In Johnny Mnemonic, Molly Millions and "Shinji" are mentioned as having had modifications in Chiba. In Burning Chrome Rikki and Tiger want to go to Chiba for ocular implants. In Neuromancer, Peter Riviera also had implants and Case stays in Chiba hoping to repair his neurological damage.


Chiba is the cultural center of implants, nerve-splicing, and microbionics. Its clinics (both registered, but also the illegal ones) attract the Sprawl's techno-criminal subcultures. It boasts surgery boutiques and especially its black clinics are the cutting edge, supplanting whole bodies of technique every month.

The city is a complex of domes dominated by vast cubes of corporate arcologies. Their dark angles are visible even from the sea.

A local delicacy is "rebuilt Chiba krill".

The Port[]

Beyond a narrow area of older streets serving as borderland, unofficially known as Night City, there is a port, with quartz-halogen floodlights that illuminate the docks all night like vast stages. Tokyo Bay lies as a black expanse with drifting shoals of waste, white styrofoam, gulls wheeling above them.