Hiroshi is a character in New Rose Hotel. In the film adaptation he is portrayed by Yoshitaka Amano.


A very talented genetic scientist working for Maas Biolabs GmbH. He specialized in radioactive nucleases, monoclonal antibodies, linkage of proteins, nucleotides. He was the kind of scientists who shatters paradigms, inverts and revises whole fields of knowledge and science and generates basic patents.

He was based in Frankfurt, living in a renovated town house with his German wife. He gave up kendo for fencing. His every step was surveyed by a tight net of security teams from Maas.

Fox was obsessed with Hiroshi and his breakthroughs, his basic patents would be coveted by other zaibatsus, and he would sell him to them as a defector. He sent X to Frankfurt to spy on Hiroshi discreetly. 3 times he came back and said that they will never pass through the tight security around him. However their plans changed with Sandii.


While he was in Vienna for a conference, X came and brought Sandii to his hotel. Sandii was out of sight when Maas security flowed in to scan the hotel, and Hiroshi arrived an hour later, alone. his wife was off to some Rhineland spa. Sandii successfully seduced him, showing him the perfect place for coffee and kipferl. Hiroshi also added some shop items in Sandii's Cray microcomputer.

Fox and X negotiated with Hosaka, from a Los Angeles hotel room. They wanted Hiroshi, but his work was radical enough to worry them. They wanted him to work in isolation away from their central research thrust. X bought for him a secret lab in the Medina, Marrakech. Hiroshi agreed to leave his wife and defect, and X arranged for his "disappearance" in Berlin. Hiroshi would step behind a hydrogen-cell Mercedes van on an October afternoon. Despite the dozen Maas agents who followed him constantly, he vanished successfully in a quiet street off Singerstrasse.

It was learned that Hiroshi was joined by Moenner, Hosaka's leading gene man, followed by Chedanne, who headed Hosaka's protein team, and other of Hosaka's leading researchers. Fox speculated that there's some kind of power struggle in Hosaka research; some official is sending his favorite researchers to Marrakech to learn from Hiroshi, so that the crowd is ready when Hiroshi shoots the legs out from under genetic engineering.

However Sandii already sold them to Maas. Hiroshi programmed the DNA synthesizer, with its in-built computer and its custom software, punching for harmless proteins for the overnight construction of just the right macromolecule. But Sandii reprogramed it to build a meningial virus to the specifications of Maas Biolabs. It klled Hiroshi, Moenner and other Hosaka researchers. Chedanne suffered permanent brain damage.