Hosaka is the biggest of the zaibatsus. They specialized in genetic research, among others.

According to Sandii, her father had been an Hosaka executive in Tokyo, later disgraced, disowned and cast down.

Fox and X offered to them Hiroshi Yomiuri of Maas Biolabs as a defector. X described their contacts as "specialized cells protecting the parent organism" from the mutagens that were he and Fox. They made their offer to contacts in an LA hotel room. They were dead calm and didn't even blink and said they would think about it.

Hosaka said that they wanted to isolate Hiroshi, away from their central research thrust. They paid the 2 partners then erased them from official memory. They transported him to Djemaa-el-Fna, Marrakech in full secrecy. in a heroin lab that had been converted to the extraction of pheromones.

The black executive Lears whispering into the Marrakech airport; Moenner, Hosaka's leading gene man entered the lab, followed by Chedanne head of Hosaka's protein team. Neither had been seen outside the corporate arcology in over two years. Hosaka's leading researchers of were amassing quietly in the medina, eventually their whole bio section.

X speculated that Hosaca was employing saturation techniques, since they had lines to the heart of the Moroccan Diet, and the massive infiltration of agents could only be taking place with the assent of the government. Fox recognized some kind of power struggle going on in Hosaka research. Somebody sends his favorites near Hiroshi to learn from him. When Hiroshi shoots the legs out from under genetic engineering, the Medina crowd's going to be ready.

However, Sandii, on behalf of Maas, had reprogrammed the DNA synthesizer to create a meningial virus that killed or crippled Hosaka's best minds. Hosaka thought that the partners betrayed them, they evaporated their accounts then went after them. The real extent of Hosaka's reach was seen in Shinuku, when the past associates of the partners denied any help and closed their doors. Fox was killed in a Ginza department store. Helicopters hunted for X in infrared near Narita.