A super luxurious hotel on Freeside. It is an artificial sloping cliff with a glass front face, sliding down into a cold mist, above some artificial rapids. Its air smells of flowers and running water. Tourists use hang gliders above the spray. On the opposite slope are stepped condos. It is near an artificial lake with luxurious restaurants.

The roof of the hotel is made like a meadow with many small, gnarled, old trees (the result of genetic engineering and chemical manipulation). Among them, were gentle and cleverly irregular slopes of sweet-smelling green grass. The meadow is studded with bright striped umbrellas shading the guests from the Lado-Acheson sun. Beyond the grove is a pool with turquoise tiles. Pressing a bank chip on a glass plate one can order, and served by an enthusiastic Chinese waiter.

The hotel has a naturalistic style; at least some rooms feature expensive natural hand-made "organic chic" decorations, such as wicker sofas with leaf-patterned cushions, wicker baskets, handwoven fabrics and wooden objects, temperfoams tinted to resemble sand. Some rooms have a Braun audiovisual system.

Armitage booked Case and Molly (as Rose Kolodny) in room 335W. Their balcony offers a view to the condos that terraced the far slope, although a panel can show a hologram view of Desiderata Street. After Case had a nightmare they had breakfast at the roof garden. Later Case ordered sushi met there Cath, a girl who stays with Bruce in a smaller room, below them.

Residents[edit | edit source]

  • 3 French teens, one is a girl with small hard breasts. They had uneven tan caused by melanin boosting. Case saw them gliding above the river mist the first evening, wearing triangular nylons in bright primaries. He saw them again the next morning at breakfast on the roof garden; they looked like racing machines, with elaborate hairdressing, white cotton ducks, leather sandals and jewelry.
  • 3 Japanese sararimans and their wives. The women had oval faces covered with artificial bruises (an extremely conservative style, seldom seen in Chiba).
  • A sporty Italian girl. She was wearing spotless whites, white nylon shoes with steel cleats. She had daubed her cheekbones and nose with some black paint. She was riding the elevator to the roof garden, off for some fast game when Case entered the elevater. She was holding some expensive-looking hockey racket or something, expensive-looking thing in her hand resembled a cross between a miniature oar and an orthopedic brace. She was off for a fast game of something.
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