"Never changes. Bad old town."
Molly Millions

Istanbul is a major city of Turkey.

Sultan Hatice in 1660 erected the Spice Bazaar on the site of an ancient bazaar. The European section of Ottoman Istanbul was once prosperous.

Molly Millions had visited Istanbul sometime in the past.

The tunel provides public transportation. Terminals are suggested to be in Beyoglu, Fener and somewhere near the Spice Bazaar.

Peter Riviera stayed in Istanbul for 3 years selling off women to the secret police. The Finn with Armitage went there, and assisted by Terzibashjian, Molly apprehended him and they persuaded him to work for Armitage.

Its run-down apartment houses reminded Case vaguely of Paris. The streetviews also feature makeshift irregular patchwork tenements.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Spice Bazaar is located south to the Grand Bazaar. It is not understandable how the protagonists (assuming it came from Istanbul Hilton from the north, in Şişli) passed first through the Grand Bazaar on its way to the Spice Bazaar. It is possible that Gibson mistakenly switched their names.

Terzibashjan suggests that Riviera boards the tunel every night to bisit Ali at the Bazaar, however the line of the tunel extends to an area (Karakoy and Beyoglu) far from Fatih.

The airport mentioned is probably the Istanbul Atatürk Airport and the silent street that connects it with Hilton is probably Kennedy Avenue.

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