Japan Airlines is an international airline.

New Rose Hotel[edit | edit source]

JAL had a terminal in the Narita International airport; Fox coming from Marrakech met his partner X in a sushi bar in the JAL terminal.

Neuromancer[edit | edit source]

JAL operates shuttles that connect Orly airport to its terminal cluster in the L-5 archipelago.

Shuttle flights don't allow smoking. The shuttles have deep temperfoam couches. Their environment isn't alike an airpolane's, smelling new clothes, chewing gum and sweat. Speakers play koto music. Stewards wearing red plastic aprons, take out readout trodes and attach to the passengers's wrist and left ear. Passengers wear a harness with a release plate for when they want to free themselves from the foam.

Armitage, Case, Molly Millions and Peter Riviera boarded a shuttle for the dock, and then took a space taxi to Zion cluster.

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