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Jackie is a mambo/vodun priestess who is the horse or conduit for the loa/voodoo god Dunbala Wedo "the snake." She is also sometimes Aida Wedo, wife of Dunbala Wedo. From a discussion with a coffee vendor in Hypermart is it implied she is also some form of exotic dancer at Jammer's nightclub. She frequently wears a decorated fedora hat.

Jackie is sent with Rhea to find Bobby and locate him in Leon's bar where Bobby is looking for Two-a-Day. They don't actually secure Bobby until after he has been attacked and robbed on the street by the Lobe street gang. Jackie and Rhea take Bobby to Pye to be patched up and then to Two-a-Day's place to meet Lucas and Beauvoir.

Lucas take Bobby away and Jackie goes to Jammer's nightclub in Hypermart. Lucas later drops Bobby off at Hypermart. Jackie takes Bobby up to Jammer's nightclub in Hypermart, buying him some new clothes along the way.

Jackie jacks into the net with Bobby and the loa communicate through her. The loa use Jackie as their horse/conduit to pass on the message about the coming of "The Virgin/La Vyej" and enemies . Both Ougou Feray (Papa Ougou/God of War) and Legba (Master of Roads and Pathways/Loa of Communication) manifest through Jackie. This indicates Lucas was dead as he was Legba's normal horse/conduit.

When Jammer gets his fingers cut off with a laser Jackie renders first aid before she Jacks in with Bobby to try and leverage assistance from the Yakuza. During that run Bobby is grabbed by Jaylene Slide, who interrogates him in her attempt to find out who was responsible for the death of her partner Ramirez. While that is occurring Jackie goes into a trance and the loa Legba communicates through her that the Virgin is coming and they must let her in.

Jackie and Bobby jack in again to try and get to the Yakuza for assistance, but something goes wrong and Jackie is killed while Bobby ends up inside Virek's construct in cybespace. The loa Baron Samedi (God of Graveyards/Death then destroys Virek in revenge for the death of his cousins horse (Jackie).

Jackie's body is placed on the stage in Jammer's nightclub and covered with a black coat.