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Jones is a cyborg dolphin. It was used by the navy in the War. They made him addicted to drugs in order to ensure his affiliation. He was modified with an articlated armor with crusted plates along his sides. Exposed sections of his body showed silver lesions. Twin deformities on either side of his skull had been engineered to house sensor units. The navy had him wired into an audiovisual display and he communicated with symbols. He served in the Pacific, using Squid to tap into circuitry of enemy cyber mines and sweep them.

After the war he was demobbed with his gear intact and put in Funland, as a "War Whale" attraction in a tank, where he swam climsily. His eyes were ancient and sad. He communicated with an array of tricolor lights above the tank. Molly Millions knew him and comunicated with him by whistling. He brought Johnny to him and also a package of drugs. Seeing it, Jones froze in the water and started to sink. They asked him to use his Squid to find the password Ralfi Face used in the chip inside Johnny's brain. Jones responded with: a blue cross, white lights, darkness, and a red swastika. From this Johnny understood that the password was "Christian White and his Aryan Reggae Band".

Jones heaved to the surface for Molly to stab him with the Syrette. Propellant gas hissed, patterns of light sparked and then faded to black. He ended up drifting and rolling languorously in the dark water when they left.

After Johnny joined the Lo Teks, he partnered with Jones. He got a bigger tank replenished with fresh seawater once a week. Kids still visit to talk with him, but Johnny also rent a shed with a new display unit. Johnny climbed down from The Pit almost every day to meet him, and Jones helped him figure things out for his business.