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"Low technique, low technology, they'd think that shotgun trick of yours was effete."

Lo Teks are a tribe who reside in The Pit, the levels above Nighttown. They were black marketeers.

In the past Molly Millions had done them a lot of favors.

Despite their low-technology lifestyle, they apparently had access to immunosuppressive, as some of them transplanted tooth-bud canines from Dobermans. Their aesthetics were centered around dog teeth, scars and tattoos.

They have a ritual Killing Floor where they dance under some music, which is supposedly intended only for themselves. It is perhaps the only place where they use electricity.

They communicate with long taut cords, tied to eyebolts, and vanish to the distance. Plucking them in some pattern or code, directs some message around their territory. They sleep in mesh hammocks that hang above the chaos of Nighttown.

The Lo Teks became silent when the assassin appeared. They parted to let him step up to the bench. Then Molly showed up and the assassin made his first move against her; the Lo Teks screamed their excitement. Molly made the assassin to amputate himself, and he fell down to his death. The Lo Teks roared, now with the amplifier shut off.

Mentioned Lo Teks[]

  • Dog, seems to be one of the sentries.
  • A boy standing by the Floor drinking dark liquid from a liter flask.
  • A girl with dog canines, breasts tattooed with indigo spirals. Johnny sees her hit the Floor on all fours; she crossed the Floor and laughing, grappled with the boy.