The Panther Moderns leader. He is a head shorter than Case. He has hooded eyes and a crest of pink hair that bobs as he moves his head. His left ear is pointed, behind which he loads a microsofts of various colors. His pupils are modified to catch the light like a cat's. He wears a chameleon suit with a recording feature that replays backgrounds at will, crawling with color and texture, like weird angular patterns of beige and pale avocado. According to him, the Moderns's mode and modus and central kick is chaos.

After the intrusion in the Sense/Net Pyramid he went to the loft of Armitage (whom he called "Mr. Who") to receive his payment and sat smiling on the workbench perched like a gargoyle. Armitage reprimanded him because the operation went out of control and Molly Millions was injured. Lupus answered that their ideology is chaos, and from the start they deal with Molly, not him, and now she is with their medical team. Case told Armitage to pay him, even though Molly still hasn't brought them the construct of Dixie Flatline. Reluctantly, he paid him with 3 fat bundles of New Yen. Lupus didn't bother to count it, being sure that "Mr. Who" paid well to remain so, and not be a "Mr. Name", which Armitage received as a threat.

Later, as it dawned and Case was walking around, he appeared to him, with his suit cycled through pure primaries, and said he had a message for him: "Wintermute". Case asked from whom is the message and Lupus said the same word. His suit went matte black, then with a dance figure, it took the right shade of gray as the sidewalk, and disappeared after his red eyes winked back.

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