Marcus Garvey is a space tug, named after the Rastafarian "prophet". Somewhat surprisingly it's not registered off the Zion cluster but has a Panamanian register.

Its core was an enormous old Russian air scrubber with cyrillic decals. Around it the Rastafarians assembled its modules. It is rectangular with the form of a steel drum 9x2. The exterior is daubed with their symbols, like the Lion of Zion, logos of the Black Star Line, and the colors of Ethiopia.

There is a pilot module where Maelcum sits, beside it is an elastic g-web for the co-pilot. The pilot gear is sprayed with a hot tropical pink color, and as the overspray covered the screens and readouts, they scrapped it with some blade. The bow of the ship has an airlock, clumsily sealed with translucent caulk, globs and streamers hanging from its gaskets.

It creaks and shudders when the engine starts.

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