A meat puppet is a prostitute that works in a puppet parlor, such as the House of the Blue Lights.

Meat puppets are the most expensive service of all; they satisfy the need of the customers of needing someone and wanting to be alone at the same time: Thanks to a neuroelectronic system (a cut-out chip), they fall in an approximation of REM sleep, while their bodies and conditioned reflexes caused orgasms; if they are felt, they are like "faint silver flares somewhere out on the edge of sleep". Molly compared it to cyberspace, but blank silver that smells like rain, and orgasm is "like a little nova right out on the rim of space".

Some parlors also have their own software to simulate responses from the unconscious prostitutes for each customer's need, or special "programs" like illegal violent ones..

Rikki worked as a prostitute in the House of the Blue Lights in order to pay for her Zeiss Ikons ocular implants. Molly Millions also worked in order to pay her cybernetic augmentations in Chiba City.

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