The New Rose Hotel is a pod hotel located at the ragged fringes of Narita, in a concrete lot off the main road to the Narita International airport.

It consists of 1X3 meter plastic capsules. Multilingual decals on the hatches warn of fines for those who lose a key. Each capsule has a television mounted flush with the ceiling.

The capsules are racked in a scaffolding of steel pipes under bright enamel. Everything seems to be made of old recycled or surplus material. Paint flakes away when someone climbs the ladder or follows the catwalk. The scaffolding was perhaps used in the building of some skyscapper of Ginza; the capsules were probably stacked in Tokyo or Yokohama 40 years ago, when it was a modern convenience for traveling businessmen.

The jets that come and go are visible from the capsule portholes. At night it is illuminated by floodlights. The breeze brings sounds and smell from pachinko parlor and pushcarts across the road. It also provies crab-flavored krill paste and orange rice crackers.

While hiding from Hosaka X hid there for 7 days, remembering Sandii, caressing her items and watching Japanese TV shows. It is the frame setting of the story New Rose Hotel