"Get just wasted enough, find yourself in some desperate but strangely arbitrary kind of trouble, and it was possible to see Ninsei as a field of data. [...] Then you could throw yourself into a highspeed drift and skid, totally engaged but set apart from it all, and all around you the dance of biz, information interacting, data made flesh in the mazes of the black market..."

Ninsei is a neighborhood, the heart of the Night City of Chiba, a scene .

It has a unique "electric dance" that isn't found in the Sprawl. A scene of undeground market of genetic materials, such as hormones, and such merchantise arrives to Ninsei through fronts and blinds. The official Chiba City tolerates the Ninsei enclave, perhaps deliberately keeping it unsupervised to function as an outlaw playground for burgeoning biotechnology; it is also said that the Yakuza preserve the place as a reminder of humble origins.

The Ninsei crowd were gaijin: sailors from the Chiba port, tense solitary tourists hunting illegal pleasures, heavies from the Sprawl showing off grafts and implants, hustlers swarming.

It is full of bars. While by day the closed bars are featureless under the polluted grey sky, every night the neons and the holograms have life. It includes a Beautiful Girl-franchised coffee shop, Chatsubo bar and Jarre de Thé. The streets are full with yakitori stands, massage parlors, arcades, surgical boutiques that display vatgrown fleshes; shops provide small bright objects to the sailors of the Chiba port: watches, flicknives, lighters, pocket VTRs, Simstim decks, weighted manriki chains and shuriken.

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