Ono-Sendai Cyberspace VII, aka the "Cyberspace Seven", is a matrix simulator, or cyberspace deck. It has green and red LEDs on the face. It comes with a terry sweatband worn on the forehead, with Sendai dermatrodes.

Factory prototypes are cast into a block of polycarbon and manufactured so that to make difficult any reverse engineering and hardware tampering. Those who try to open them with a laser damage the circuits,and it is booby-trapped against x-ray and ultrascan. Nonetheless experts like Automatic Jack and The Finn managed to customize them.

Bobby Quine uses one in the loft, but Automatic Jack had rebuilt it from scratch, leaving very little factory circuitry.

Case was bought one by Armitage after his cure and was able to connect to the cyberspace for a first time after years. The Finn provided him with a flip flop switch; he wired into the deck with a thin ribbon of fiber optics to allow Case to access Simstim while still jacked in the matrix.

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