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Concept art by Nathan Anderson

Ratz is the bartender of the Chatsubo bar in Chiba City.


Considering that in Chiba everyone can modify his appearance, his ugliness is legendary. He is 120kg, he has a wrinkled face with 2 small brown eyes, his shaven head filmed with sweat. When he smiles, he reveals a webwork of decayed teeth and East European steel prosthetics. He is probably German as he calls others "Herr".

He wears a Russian military prosthesic arm; it is, an outdated seven-function force-feedback manipulator, cased in grubby pink plastic; it jerks monotonously as he is working.


Greeting Case in the Neuromancer graphic novel. Art by Bruce Jensen

One night he saw Case's ex girlfriend, Linda Lee. He told that to Case the next day, noting that since they broke up he became too "artistic". He also told him that Wage ws looking for him.

An hour before dawn, Ratz was at a rear table drinking Apollonaris water from a beer pitcher or a creaking chair, leaving Kurt behind the bar. Ratz teased him saying that he fears the grosses emotions, but he should listen to the fear. Asked about a fight in the arcade, he said that a girl wounded a security man. Case asked about Wage, the same moment he was entering Chatsubo with his Joeboys, one of them throwing a shuriken in their window. Ratz picked up a heaped plastic ashtray with his claw, and, asking them to make no trouble, he crushed it to make a point. One of the thugs provoked him, but they saw that Kurt covered them with a riot gun. Then Case aimed at Wage's crotch with his gun, his claw closed around the pistol and Case let his hand go limp. He held the gun in his claw and pumped the round out of the chamber. The two discussed and Case tried to pay Wage, then left.

A few nights later, and after his recover, Case passed by asking for Wage, saying he finally got his money. Ratz noticed the woman that accompanied him and asked if his luck changed. Later the two returned to the Chat, and asked for a fighting place, Ratz directed her to Sammi's.