An Armenian from Istanbul. Case mispronounces his name as "Jersey Bastion" causing derision from Molly Millions.

Description[edit | edit source]

He is a young man. He has dark brown short military-cut hair and eyes. He is seen in a gray suit and gold-framed, mirrored glasses. His white shirt open at the collar, revealing his dense chest dark hair. He smelled of some metallic aftershave. He speaks Greek, French and Turkish, sometimes mixing them up.

Bio[edit | edit source]

He is a "stool for the military". He is a torturer/interrogator for the secret police. Perhaps he knew Peter Riviera who was selling dissidents to the secret police. Molly Millions speculated that Terzi probably let the sadistic Riviera watch and enjoy the interrogations.

He was also cheap because he was bought by Armitage with little money, to spy on Peter Riviera. As Terzi stalked him he saw a cyclists fall whenever passing near him. Interrogating them in a hospital, he heard the same story, that they saw a holographic projection of a scorpion beside the brake lever.

He came to Istanbul Hilton to report on Riviera. He pointed to Molly that they must take the operation very easy and be careful because in Turkey there is disapproval of surgicaly augmented women. This enraging her, and aimed at him with her fletcher to make him nervous. He told them about Riviera and that he has subliminal implants.

In their rented Mercedes, he led them to the Spice Bazaar, all the time speaking with an associate over the radio. He led them to the alley facing the shop of Ali. As Riviera exited the door, Terzi shouted and Molly framed him inside a beam of light from the dark. Riviera tried to escape by forming the illusion of a monster approaching them, but Terzi said something in some language (Greek or Turkish) and rushed it. At the same time, Molly shot a dart, against Riviera, but cutting off Terzi's left middle finger. When the light returned, Terzi was leaning against a steel door, holding his bleeding left wrist, with Riviera at his feet. White, and through gritted teeth, he told them to call Mahmut and get Riviera out as soon as posible. Minutes later, a dusty Citroen came for him, as he was about to faint. Molly opened the door for him but all this didn't prevent her from scolding him for interfering. She shoved him and threatened to kill him if she sees him again.

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