Tessier-Ashpoole S.A. is a wealthy industrial clan organization that has a corporate structure. Originating from the families of Tessier and Ashpoole, they carefully refined themselves through genetics and interbreeding.

They became the first-generation high-orbit family since orbital law is a lot softer on genetic engineering, and reside in the Freeside station, owning most of it. Their base is Villa Straylight. They also own the mainframe and original software of Wintermute.

The T-A maintain their generations through cloning and cryogenic sleep. They are wealthy and eccentric, but also quiet and private and shy of media. There hasn't been a share of T-A traded on the open market in over a 100 years. At any given time there is a trade off between the awake and frozen members and those awake run the family while the others are legally dead even under orbital law. The matriarch died in some lab accident while the patriarch has been silent for about 30 years.

Jimmy broke into the Villa and stole a precious bust to sell to Smith but the T-A sent a ninja clone to retrieve it.

They were in litigation and from the lawyer firm who handled it the Finn's cowboy learned their address and whereabouts.

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