An (apparently) 20th century-themed restaurant in Freeside. It was the smallest and most expensive of several floating restaurants on a small lake near the Intercontinental.

Outside there is a rosewood railing seeing towards the lake. There is a dozen of tables. There is a performance stage at the far end of the hall, and an interior balcony with balistrades.

The meat served is not vat grown, but expensive rare meat, from whole real animals raised for years.

Peter Riviera got a job there as a performer-illusionist. He performed a dreaming real show "The Doll", which he dedicated to 3Jane Marie-France Tessier-Ashpool who watched from the balcony, and Molly. Armitage with Case and Molly went there for a dinner, but Case (who suffered from the after-effects of Betaphenethylamine) was unable to eat, and went out to throw up, while Molly left enraged, to avoid killing Riviera. After the show, Case returned but Armitage was not communicative. The trio of French tourists from Intercontinental were also there, and took the boat to the far shore and the nearest casino.

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