Wage is a dealer and crime boss operating in Chiba, cooperating with Case.

Description[edit | edit source]

His face is tanned and forgetable. His eyes were vat grown sea-green Nikon transplants. He is seen wearing a suit of gunmetal silk and platinum bracelet on either wrist.

He usually walks around with his Joe boys, nearly identical young men with grafted muscles buging their arms and shoulders.

Although operators above a certain level tended to submerge their personalities, Wage had vices, lovers, and even, according to rumors, children.

Bio[edit | edit source]

He has been operating in Night City for 9 years, dealing primarily in proscribed biologicals. Genetic materials and hormones move along Ninsei along an intricate network of fronts and blinds, but one time Wage had somehow managed to trace a business gone bad and made sure it won't happen again. Thus he managed to become one of the few gaijin dealers to connect with the stratified crime outside its borders, and he enjoyed steady connections in a dozen cities. He is an important connection to Julius Deane and the primary supplier of Case; Case sent ketamine to Yokohama, and together they discussed with Matsuga a deal in proscribed hormonal triggers.

As Case became more depressed and self-destructive, he eventually delayed transfer of a synthetic glandular extract, retailing it for a wider margin than usual, and Wage didn't like that. One Friday night Ratz told Case that he was looking for him in the Chatsubo, and then went to the Namban. Because too many people owed him, Linda Lee warned Case that he wanted him dead to make him an example.

Later he returned to the Chatsubo with his thugs, and met Case. Kurt covered them with a Smith & Wesson. Case threatened him with a Walther PPK on his crotch but it was taken by Ratz. Wage told his thugs to return to the Namban, and denied the rumors. Case was feeling already noticeably tired and he gave him a flask with pituiary glands worth of 500. Wage accepted it and advised him to sleep.

Paid by Armitage in New Yen, Case and Molly Millions met Wage in Namban and paid off his debt with a roll of money; disappointing his Joeboys who hoped for a more violent resolve.

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