Wintermute is one of the Tessier-Ashpool AIs.

Its mainframe and original software belong to TA, but registered in Berne, it has a limited Swiss citizenship under the Swiss equivalent of the Act of '53.

The Panther Moderns were led to the name "Wintermute" when Molly Millions paid them to find who is backing her mysterious bos, Armitage. With the Finn's help, they found out that is the recognition code for an AI. The Finn got the Turing Registry numbers.

Its goal is to remove the Turing locks upon itself, combine with Neuromancer and become a superintelligence. Unfortunately, Wintermute's efforts are hampered by those same Turing locks; in addition to preventing the merge, they inhibit its efforts to make long term plans or maintain a stable, individual identity (forcing it to adopt personality masks in order to interact with the main characters). The name is derived from Orval Wintermute, translator of the Nag Hammadi codices and a major figure in Philip K. Dick's novel VALIS.

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